About RHHS

The Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Heritage Society of Canada (RHHS) is a non-profit society that plans to build and operate a world class heavy construction interpretive centre. This will not be the usual static museum, but a fully interactive facility that will focus on preservation, education, recognition and interpretation. The venue will include extensive outdoor areas for equipment displays and demonstration areas to show working equipment at special events.

The Centre will educate the public on many aspects of construction such as the professional knowledge required to plan and build necessary infrastructure: roads, railways, airports, factories, dams, water and sewer, pipelines, mines, etc. The goal is to give visitors an appreciation and understanding that the work done by hardworking trades-people and workers in the construction industry allows us all to enjoy our current lifestyle.

Education and training will be an important feature of the Centre. Young visitors will gain interest in construction and related industries as a potential career. Today’s acute shortage of well-trained people in the trades sector, and the retirement of thousands of skilled workers in the next 10-15 years, indicates an alarming shortage of trades-people, machine operators, and managers in the future. The Centre will play an important role in reducing this workplace void. See Education for more information