Long Term Goals

Mission: ‘Celebrating the legacy of roadbuilding and heavy construction for future generations through preservation and education’

Project: Develop, to rank foremost in the world, a Heavy Construction Campus near Devon Alberta, next to the 1947 Leduc No. 1 Oil Discovery National Historic Site, comprised of 100 acres of grounds, 160,000 square feet of buildings for visitor services, historic and modern equipment display galleries, meeting spaces, class rooms, earth moving practice sites and student work camp accommodation.

Cost is $32 million over five years; of which $3 million is committed.


Forecasts indicate 98,000 new heavy construction jobs over the next 25 years. Over sixty percent of the Heavy Construction Campus will be dedicated to training and educating this male and female workforce. The development will be financially self-sustaining, utilize renewable solar and geothermal energy and operate under the Canadian Museums Assoc. Sustainable Guide.

Since 1994 this project and its passionate volunteers, donors and contributors are stitching together the past, present and future of the heavy construction industry thereby enhancing its already significant contribution to society and the lifestyle we enjoy.

Be part of this exciting social enterprise project by volunteering or donating.